Friday, April 13, 2007

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Don't forget the glasses.

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1 lot of bun??

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This one is very strange, the weights make it seem like a recipe shopping list but a lot of it is unintelligible. The '1' figures make me think this is not from a native English speaker.

Instead of screwing it up it had been neatly folded but the paper appears to have been folded and unfolded again many times.

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Healthy food, nothing there that could be considered bad for you - except perhaps 'wines'.

Great paper too, Oriental or Arabic. Not really big enough for the list, and there was nothing on the back (perhaps if the back was used there would be fear of forgetting to turn it over and then missing something?)

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There's some real anger in that crossing out, almost manic in places.

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A household that likes their bread and pasty perhaps?

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Started off neat, and then ran out of room - the think about using a post-it note is that it's not easy to use the back.

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I'm guessing that 'Matthew' isn't on the list to buy, but the wedding card is for him - I wonder if he's marrying someone else, they aren't mentioned!

In fact although I found this list at Waitrose I'd guess that none of the items on it can be bought in a supermarket, except the wedding card and possibly the printer ink.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

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Not just a shopping list, but also a to-do list and possibly a backing list for a holiday?