Tuesday, January 31, 2006

January 2006 - seems January is a good time for shopping lists, maybe people are re-stocking after Christmas. Waitrose Cirencester.

Why is the Ginger Wine just for Jane?
Maybe because the list author has a cold (note the Lemsip)

Oh! do we have to choose between custard or cream - why can't we have both?

This one is so organised, don't see the ingredients for Kedgeree - but I'll be round on Thursday as it's my favourite.
More from January, Cirencester Waitrose. Busy time.

I think this list was written by a woman (the handwriting),
I wonder if the cigars were for her too?

Unsure about the cream?

Thinking of you, aunty. Do you think that the deodrant was forgotten - smelly!

Dr Joolz very kindly found out what Movicol is -

"Macrogol is an inert substance that passes through the gut without being absorbed into the body. It relieves constipation because it causes the water it is taken with to be retained in the bowel instead of being absorbed into the body. This increases the water content and volume of the stools in the bowel, making them softer and easier to pass."

Great choice for a shopping list then!!

And what the hell is a 'cynthic card'?